Transfer Cable

ViPRO MVRs adopt the din-aviation connector, supporting 4 pins including video, audio, ground and power, which symbolizes that the Mobile DVRs can provide the power for the cameras. Din-aviation connector is the professional one for security product specially under the strong vibration condition. In certain content, this connector is waterproof and the connection is very strong to avoid the loose after long time usage and vibration.

If customers have no din-aviation connector for cameras, ViPRO can provide these transfer cables to customers as well. One end is din-aviation for Mobile DVR connection and another is BNC for camera connector. 

  • Professional din-aviation connector for security products
  • 4 pins (video/audio/ground/power) can provide the power for cameras
  • The shielding cable which can avoid the external signal interference
  • To transfer the din-aviation signal to be BNC if the cameras for Mobile DVR is BNC connector


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Product series

Transfer Cable


One end: Din-aviation           

Another end: BNC (Video and Audio)

Connector Material


Male connector: metal

Female connector: Metal and plastic

BNC: metal (with injection)


Din-aviation part: 200mm: Din-aviation cable (4pins)

BNC part: 100mm: standard the video and audio cable

Cable Length

Total 300mm

Voltage Input

+12 input

Cable Diameter

Din-aviation: 6.5mm

standard A/V cable: 4mm