Central Management Software

CMS001 WCMS002

Central Management Software (CMS) includes 4 parts: message server, transmit server, media proxy server and client. 

  • Message server is used for the registered information of all MVR, online information, GPS information and deal with all kinds of commands.
  • Transmit server is used to transmit video, user must add and setup the MDVR information first in the transmit server.
  • Client is for the video display, information display and the reception of the command from the administrators.


The standard CMS version is not required for registration, and it can manage 100 vehicles on center server of transmit server. The transmit server can transmit 48 channels concurrently to 3 clients (each has 16 video window) at the same time.

The CMS is functional which integrate the video transmission, remotely PTZ control, alarm, GPS tracking, local recording on CMS, alarm recording, and also it can show user the operating and alarm information on the log window while user can change the interface to different mode easily.

Message server is used for the Mobile DVR registration, GPS information and all the commands downloading.

Transmit server is for the video transmission.

Client, the user friendly interface, shows you all the information. User can setup the MDVR remotely from the client.


Key Features

  • Wireless Video/Audio transmission
  • GPS tracking - show the real-time location of the vehicle on map window with Map Info & Google map.
  • GPS playback
  • Report query
  • Support IE browser client
  • Send Email to administrator/user automatically once alarm is triggered.
  • Remote PTZ control - control the PTZ on CMS, including change direction, pre-set position, call position.
  • CMS local recording - record the video from the CMS video window.
  • Alarm report system - receive the alarm information, and deal with this alarm information according to the settings.
  • Vehicle management - manage vehicle on the transmit server, show all the vehicle information on the client vehicle window to check the online information and do some operations remotely to the MDVR.
  • Multi-clients supported - support many clients connect to the server to apply video.
  • Remote configuration - setup the GPS upload interval, IO setup, stream setup for video transmission and so on.

WCMS 4.0 

Requirement of Server Resource
Server System Windows 2008 R2
Server Memory More than 8G
Server Hard Disk More than 100G
Runtime Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 SP1
Database MySql 5.5 (It comes with the Installation Package)


WCMS 3.0

Requirement of Server Resource
Server System Windows 2003/2008 server
Client System Windows XP/WIN7 32bit or 64 bit