ViPRO makes Bílina a safer city


Bílina Municipal Police is seeking for a comprehensive mobile security solution to protect people and show their professionalism. They’re convinced that body worn cameras are an important tool to avoid risks and protect personnel on the frontline. The organization knew that if the camera became part of the daily workflow, its importance should be visible at two levels:

1) It will help to obtain objective evidence and to avoid from unsubstantiated claims.

2) It will modify the user's behavior and bring more professionalism and transparency to an organization.

As a result, the reputation of the entire organization will increase. That is very important to Bílina Municipal Police.


They’ve been looking for a solution for a long time that could be strong, safe and user-friendly, including evidence capture of the actions, transparency and safety of police officers simultaneously. They desired the cameras to be tamper resistant and to improve accountability of the frontline teams.  

One of the most important element was the requirement for “video streaming”, which allows the dispatcher to adopt fast and smart solutions as he can evaluate the situation in real time. At the same time, they want a solution for “charging” the cameras and automatic “footage upload” to a server.


In the end, Bílina Municipal Police chose ViPRO body worn camera.

BV-A12s offers the robust design, high performance and top features they need in any situation. It can record for up to 14 hours on a single charge.

The camera accurately captures events from the user's point of view and in conjunction with the 4G network allows direct transmission of the event in Full HD resolution. The data stored in the BV-A12s is secured with AES-256 encryption.

The cameras have an integrated automatic video pre-recording feature to ensure that police officers do not miss the start of any incident, which can be priceless for capturing evidence effectively.

Besides, strong ViPRO technical team brings confidence to the clients. As an IT staff of the organization said, "These are the first cameras we have no reservations about."

Customer feedback 

As far as personal cameras are concerned, their importance, especially today, is really high. It provides an authentic (video and audio) record of events, interventions and actions of police officers, the behavior of persons, offenders. The record can be used (and is used) as evidence in proving the criminal activity of persons, it provides the possibility of additional establishment of their identity.

The use of a personal camera itself cultivates and professionalizes the activities of the police officers themselves. We chose ViPRO Solution because it has many benefits - fixed clip to attach to the uniform, long battery life, sufficient storage capacity, width of video recording, quality lighting, the ability to set recording and save the recording before the camera, easy operation and display where the recording can be played back. Not to be missed is the non-removable storage space in the camera and the encoding of the record against misuse. “

– Milan Liska, Chief of Municipal Police Bilina