8-Bay Docking Station with RFID

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PDS03 is the latest portable 8-Bay Desktop Docking Station with RFID function and bundled with Digital Evidence Management System software for Body Worn Camera.

PDS03 works as the multi-charging docking station and is capable of simultaneous data management of up to 8 units of body worn cameras. The built-in RFID module supports user authentication function and allows assigning BWC to dedicated user with RFID card.

**Support 3rd party BWC (integration required)

Key Features

  • Input dataSupport input the data of 8pcs cameras to docking station simultaneously.
  • Search filesAuthorized users can locate quickly within the scope of authorization files at the type of media (video, audio, photos, log, HD, SD), to create a range of time, user ID and other attributes of the file query
  • Fast chargingSupport simultaneously charging 8pcs cameras automatically
  • Data uploadAfter inserting body camera, all files which saved in camera TF card will be automatically uploaded to the docking station while uploaded files are automatically associated with the corresponding information officers。
  • Time synchronization: Docking station will arrange the time synchronization for the connected cameras automatically.
  • Empty camera storageAfter all files of body cameras are uploaded to the docking station, docking system will empty the camera storage to release space for new recording.
  • Playback filesAuthorized users can playback files by web
  • Protect files:User can protect files by web, so protected files can not be removed by unauthorized user.
  • Lock files:User can lock files by web, so locked files can not be replayed, downloaded or removed by unauthorized user.
  • Transfer files protectedDuring uploading files, if USB disconnected or other causes of data docking incomplete, the files which was interrupted at file upload can continue to upload after the camera re-inserted in the docking station
  • Download filesYou can download files from the docking station by web system, and Save the downloaded files to any storage media。
  • Automatic management docking station disk spaceThe docking station can automatically delete the expired files for releasing disk space for the next uploaded operation.
  • Cloud storageThe docking station is embedded the Microsoft Azure cloud services. You can upload the important files to the Microsoft Azure cloud. However, users need to open Microsoft's cloud services.
  • Remote manage docking stationYou can manage the docking station by web system. For example, setting options of the docking station, restart the docking station etc.


Key Technology

  • Hardware & software integration technology: integration of hardware and software design, manufacturing and integration technology, the flexibility of the data collection station design, can adapt to domestic mainstream law enforcement device, and provide the seamless docking.
  • Efficient data transmission technology: using multi-threaded synchronization technology, can support multiple law enforcement devices to upload files at the same time.
  • Break point continuous technology: docking station file transfer using the break point continuous network technology, adopt unique algorithms ensure the fault tolerance, guarantee not to repeat upload files, and can well adapt to pull of real use environment.
  • Intelligent distributed storage technology: System can adapt to all kinds of intelligent distributed storage algorithm of network architecture, allows you to store video, images, audio files in the different docking station or network server hard disk space.
  • Intelligent space management technology: system can automate management for the server storage space, remove outdated data automatically on a regular basis, which ensures efficient use of storage space.
  • File fast retrieval technology: to design the file storage structure reasonable, automatically to implement the file storage location established indexes of the entire network, to implement file query retrieval at a high speed.

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  • Product series: PDS03 (8-Bay Docking Station)
  • USB Port: USB3.0 HUB
  • Data Transmission Speed: ≥400M/min
  • Docking Bay: Pogopin tray x 8
  • Power Line: standard power line
  • Software Encryption: Soft Dog HASP PRO sublock)
  • USB Disk: 4G USB Disk embedded


  • USB Port: One 12-port industrial HUBs, independent identification,  single-port current 1.2A
  • RFID module: 1x RFID reader
  • Power Port: 1x DC port, 12V/6A


  • Power Supply: AC 100V---220V
  • External USB Interface: 1x USB2.0 
  • Net. Weight: 3.05KG (with NFC), 2.8KG (without NFC)
  • Dimensions (L*W*H): 400mm*200mm*70mm
  • Working Temperature: -20℃ ~ +60℃
  • Storage Temperature: -20℃ ~ +80℃
  • Storage Humidity: 10%~90%


  • Power Supply: output 75W
  • AC Input Voltage: 110V-220V
  • Mini USB output voltage: 5V
  • Mini USB output current: 1Ax8
  • Switch: x1


  • Operating System: Windows 7 64Bit Embedded (XP/Win8/Win10 optional)
  • Application Software: Digital Evidence Management System 
  • OSD Language: Chinese, English, French, Polish, Russian, Spanish (other language by request)


  • 8-Bay Docking Station x1
  • Power Cord x1
  • USB cable x 1
  • Charger: x1 (US/EU/UK selectable)
  • User Manual: electronic version


  • Interface & Operation: DEMS2.0
  • Data Collection: Automatic data collection, priority data collection
  • Data Upload: On-time automatic data upload, important file priority upload
  • Auto Deletion: Automatic deletion of surpass storage period data 
  • Data Emptying: Automatic emptying camera data
  • Data Search: Multiple condition data searching
  • Data Preview: Data preview for video, audio, photo and log files.
  • Data Completeness: Data collection completeness
  • Bookmark: Import file bookmarked for collected data
  • Cloud server centralized storage
  • BS architecture, auto upload information
  • Automatic data archiving, upload to server, automatic archiving based on the format, time, user information file
  • Fault Alarm: Support fault alarm
  • Running Status: Support running status prompt
  • Log Function: Support log function
  • Software Upgrade: Support local or internet upgrade
  • Camera Management: Management of Police Body Worn Camera
  • Time Synchronization: Automatic calibration of camera time
  • User Management: User rights management.