20-Bay Data Acquisition System (with 19" Touch Screen)

DMS03-1 DMS03-2 DMS03-3

DMS03 is the professional Data Acquisition System with built-in Data Evidence Management Software tailor-made for Law Enforcement application. DMS03 works as the multi-charging docking station and is capable of simultaneous data management of 20 units of body worn cameras. DMS03 incorporates with the law enforcement charging and data upload services, law enforcement space manage service and time synchronization service.

When the police inserts the body worn cameras into the docking station via the USB port, the system can automatically detect the device for law enforcement, and check the metadata inside the device. The files can be automatically uploaded to the system once recognized and BWC storage will be emptied automatically after upload completes. While uploading files, docking station can update Body Worn Camera apparatus and perform time synchronization service via USB.

  • Simultaneous data automatic access and import of multiple devices
  • Automatic recorder charging
  • Automatic upload to cloud server
  • Automatic recognition
  • Automatic data emptying
  • Important photo issued
  • Recorder management, local data inquiry and playback
  • Remote data inquiry, playback and data download
  • Strong compatibility with 3rd party BWC, can seamlessly docking with voice recorders, cameras, vehicle data recorder, unmanned aerial devices and etc
  • Centralized management function: rights, log, Hard disk intelligent management, time synchronization, software upgrade
  • Data security technology
  • Statistics of hard disk storage space
  • Statistical statement function
  • Support breakpoint resume functions
  • Support large file more than 2G for transmission, download, play etc.
  • Support multiple formats of data broadcast system function



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  • CPU: Intel I3 4170 Dual core four thread
  • Memory: 4G Kingston DDR3 1333 Industrial Control Memory (7200rpm)
  • Hard Disk: 4TB built-in (default), T4000DX004, 7200rpm,6Gb/s
  • Disk Array: 8/12/16/32TB optional capacity (support Raid)
  • Board: Gigabyte H81 or B85 main board
  • Power: 500W
  • Display: 19 inch LCD at resolution 1920*1080
  • Touch Screen: 19 inch Infrared touch screen (support mouse & keyboard)
  • Storage: 20 bays for recorders that support data copy and charging
  • Speaker: Power amplifier, speaker
  • Compatibility: support main brand of Body Worn Camera


  • Network Interface: RJ45n 
  • Data Link: 20x data wire 5P USB 3.0 data line, transmission rate ≥ 400M/min
  • Power Line: 1.8M standard power line


  • Power Supply: 110V~220V exchange self-adaption (need to change 110V insurance tube for abroad docking station
  • Net. Weight: 73KG
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 530x480x150(mm)


  • User Manual: electronic version
  • APP Lock: Soft Dog HASP PRO (sublock)
  • Fuse: 220V10A fuse


  • Operating System: Windows 7 32/64 bit system/ Microsoft SQL (Windows O/S license fee not included)
  • Utility Software: Digital Evidence Management System
  • Database: SQC server express 2008
  • OSD Language: English, Chinese (other language by request)


  • Cloud server centralized storage
  • BS architecture, auto upload information
  • Automatic data archiving, upload to server, automatic archiving based on the format, time, user information file
  • Automatic generation of statistical reports according to time and important level
  • Flexible user classification, authorization and system management
  • Settings of task plan, storage period and automatic file upload to cloud server
  • Evidence recovery management and data backup management to ensure the data security
  • Licensed version by number of workstations