BV-A12s Lite

H.265 Super HD Body Worn Camera

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BV-A12s Lite is the H.265 Super HD Body Worn Camera tailor-made for law enforcement application. Adopting the latest Smart HEVC technology, BV-A12s Lite can achieve the 1080P/30fps live view.

BV-A12s Lite also features 170º wide-angle view with distortion correction, 1512P realtime video recording, 61MP photo resolution, 2.0" Full HD display, 10 meter IR night vision, long recording time (15hr), large storage capacity (256GB) and optional GPS/Wi-Fi function. The SOS alarm allows bookmark of emergency case for future retrieval.

*Available in "no-screen" version.

  • H.265/H.264 compression
  • 1512P/1440P/1080P Full HD Video recording
  • 120 º field of view 
  • IP67 waterproof and dust-proof
  • Peer-assistance recording
  • 3D Motion compensated noise reduction
  • 2.0" Full HD LCD for operation
  • 64MP resolution image shooting
  • 10 meters IR Night Vision
  • GPS, Wi-Fi built-in (optional)
  • Support man down feature with built-in G-sensor or EIS (optional)
  • Shock & corrosion protection, 2.5m drop test
  • 15hr recording time at 1080p/30fps
  • AES256 Video encryption, Safe Mode 
  • Menu lock with user authentication
  • Watermark function
  • CMS client, server, web and mobile access (for Wi-Fi version)

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  • System: Ambarella S5L
  • System: Linux 4.9.110
  • LCD: 2.0 inch Full HD LCD, 320x240
  • LCD brightness: >200cd/㎡
  • LCD contrast: ≥2000:1
  • Image Sensor: 1/3" Color CMOS sensor (OS05A10), 5MP
  • Viewing Angle: 127º (HOV) / 170º (FOV) / 67.5º (VOV)
  • Dewarp: Dewarp processing before encode (>120º)
  • Memory: 32GB SD Card (SDHC, SDXC) max. 256GB
  • Microphone: Built-in, ¢2.5mm
  • Data port: 1x USB, for charging, communication with PC, firmware upgrade
  • Audio interface: 2.5mm jack for headphone, microphone and PTT
  • Peer-assistant recording: in bluetooth mode, when one BV-A12s triggered manual or SOS recording, it will send broadcast of recording to the nearby BV-A12s. (optional function)
  • Indicator: Charging, Video record, Audio record, Snap, Idle
  • Two-way Audio (Wi-Fi version only):
    • 2-way audio between BWC
    • 2-way audio between BWC and CMS platform
  • Time Synchronization: Synchronize date/time with GPS, internet, PC
  • Software: Bodycam tool, PC player, CMS, Mobile app (Live monitoring, GPS positioning, track, playback, intercom, remote command and etc, for WiFi device)


  • Wi-Fi*: 802.11b/g/n (802.11ac, optional), Remote live view & monitoring via wireless network, managed by large scale networking CMS software
  • Bluetooth: BT4.0
  • Network Protocol: TCP/IP, RTSP, RTMP, GB/28181 (Wi-Fi model)
  • GPS: Internal GPS module with time synchronization, GPS/GLONASS (optional), record and remote view of location & speed; <25 sec from cold start
  • Dual Bit Stream: two independent video streams for local record and live streaming via Wi-Fi network


  • Video input: 1920x1080
  • Video Transmission: 1920x1080/ 1280x720 for live view (Wi-Fi version only)
  • Video Record: 2688x1512, 2560x1440, 1920x1080 
  • Video format: H.264(MP/HP Level 5.1)/H.265(MP Level 5.0)
  • Audio Input: 1x MIC input, support intercom connection
  • Audio format: PCM (AAC, optional)
  • Audio record: support audio record only, one key switch between Audio and Video record mode
  • Low Bit Rate: Smart HEVC technology for volume saving (50% of H.264)
  • Frame rate: 1512p/25fps, 1440p/30fps, 1080p/30fps (1080p/60fps coming soon)
  • Video record mode: Video & Audio synchronization
  • Audio record mode: Audio record only, one key switch between Audio and Video record mode
  • Pre-record: 20s/10s/Off adjustable
  • Post-record: 20s/10s/Off adjustable
  • Video Recording Time: 1080p30 continuous record at 14hr (3500mAh battery), 15hr (4200mAh battery)


  • Output pixel: 16/32/40/61 Mega pixels
  • Image Resolution: 1920x1080 ~ 10368x5920 (max.)
  • Photoshoot: Snap during recording (resolution based on record)
  • Digital Zoom: 4X/8X
  • Shutter Control: Electronic shutter
  • Exposure Control: Auto
  • White Balance: Auto
  • Photo Format: JPEG


  • LED: Auto switch, IR Cut, High-power LED, Laser positioning, Flash light
  • Night Vision: Infrared light, up to 10 meters with visible image
  • IR Cut: Automatic
  • OSD Language: English, Chinese, Spanish (other language by request)
  • Startup time: <6 Seconds (from power on to recording)
  • Parameter settings: LCD menu (Display & record time, license ID, officer ID, location, speed; Overwrite; Safe mode; Video encryption; Log)
  • Playback: playback file by time and alarm, 1/128x to 128x Fast Forward/Rewind
  • Button: Power / Video Record / Photo / Voice Record / Replay / Shut-off / Intercom / Reset
  • Alarm Input: support alarm input, shown in CMS platform 
  • Menu lock: password authentication on menu configuration or power off


  • Battery: 3500mAh built-in, (4200mAh optional)
  • Low Power Consumption: <1.2W @1080p30 Recording with audio (without GPS, Wi-Fi working)
  • Continuous Working Time: >14 hour 1080p30 recording
  • Built-in Modules: GPS, Wi-Fi (optional)
  • Ingress Protection: IP67
  • Drop Test: 2.5 meters
  • Charging Time: 3hours (3500mAh), 3.5hours (4200mAh)
  • Charge cradle: fast charging @2A and data transfer
  • Working Temperature: -40℃-+60℃ / -40℉-+140℉, RH<80%
  • Weight: 145g (only device body)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 83.2 x 54.8 x 29.8mm


  • Standard:
    • The Host with 32GB memory (64GB/128GB optional)
    • 3500mAh battery / 4200mAh battery (optional) built-in
    • Power Adapter
    • Charge base
    • USB cable
    • Shoulder Clip
    • Software & Manual (softcopy)
  • Optional:
    • Harness / Body-belt
    • Docking station

*Data subject to change without prior notice.


  • Press single button to capture photograph during video shooting without affecting the normal video
  • Built-in 5 million pixel cameras, support recording at 1512P, 1440P, 1080P resolution

  • Support taking picture with 61M pixels, 40M pixels, 32M pixels, 16M pixels


  • The device has the function of transmitting the video under the wireless network.


  • User can get live tracking of the device through built-in GPS in the device. The GPS data will also be recorded into the recorded file with audio and video, so user can get the location in the recorded file. 


  • The outline of the human body can be seen in 10-meter effective distance.
  • The characters in the picture of the facial features can be recognized in the effective 3~5 meter shooting distance.


  • The video and audio, photo and other information saved in the device can be browsed, retrieved and replayed according to the time.


  • Information can be automatically overlaid in the recorded video and the pictures, for example time, date, device ID, user ID, GPS location information.
  • Recorded file name has information on date, time, record type, which makes it easier for search and archiving.


  • The device can display information about battery usage, charging status, system time and memory space.
  • Device has light indication for power on, recording video or audio. Green light indicates power on, red light indicates recording. 


  • When the device connected to the host computer, the time can be automatically synchronized with the time server through the management software. 


  • The device can report event alarm, including alarm of battery under pressure, insufficient memory space alarm, etc.


  • Support AES256 video encryption for security and safety.
  • The device can store the data and protect stored data, stored data is not removed or covered by this machine or unauthorized host computer.
  • The device in the abnormal problems can be restarted, the stored data will not be lost or damaged after the restart.


  • The device can log events including power on/off, recording audio, taking pictures, GPS status fixed, Wi-Fi connection


  • Hierarchical management and authorization authentication.
  • You can set the basic parameters, such as the system time, password, and the grading system.
  • You can upload, cancel and query the stored files in the device.
  • This device can store and retrieve information according to the number and time of the information.
  • The video resolution and frame rate can be set
  • The users and user department can be set
  • This device has the function of automatic data import. When the product is connected with the authorized host computer through the communication interface, the internal video and audio information, audio information, photo and log data, user information, file type, upload time can be automatically uploaded.


  • The panic button alarm can be bookmarked in archived or sent to control center through wireless network (Wi-Fi version only).


  • All the information can be uploaded, just like the recorded video, audio, photos, internal time and memory capacity information, user information and use of personal information


  • The information used to calibrate the local calendar clock should be downloaded or received, like "year, month, day, hour, minute and second"
  • Some information of configuring the working mode of the device, such as reading the record data, deleting the control instruction of the recorded data and so on
  • Video and photo resolution, user information


  • The device can be connected to the intercom and provide pickups and speakers for intercom.
  • This device can be compatible with analog intercom.

Main unit with 32GB (64/128/256GB optional) Shoulder Clip Power Adapter USB Cable Charge Base

Record 4G on/off 4G stream WiFi on/off WiFi stream GPS (mA) Voltage Power Current floating interval Time
ON OFF OFF OFF OFF OFF 0.320* 3.9 1.1895 0.29-0.32 8H36min
ON OFF OFF OFF OFF ON 0.333       8H1min
ON ON OFF OFF OFF ON 0.418 3.9 1.6965 0.34-0.53 6H33min
ON ON OFF ON OFF ON 0.585 3.9 2.2815 0.46-0.71 5H58min
ON ON ON OFF OFF ON 0.535 3.9 2.0865 0.51-0.56 4H3min
ON ON ON ON OFF ON 0.610 3.9 2.379 0.55-0.67 3H54min
ON OFF OFF ON OFF ON 0.400 3.9 1.56 0.39-0.45  
ON OFF OFF ON ON ON 0.480 3.9 1.872 0.43-0.53 5H13min
ON ON OFF ON ON ON 0.680 3.9 2.652 0.52-0.84 4H11min

*Above test is based on voltage (3.9V)