Explosion-proof Camera Housing

EX-H80_1 EX-H80_2 EX-H80_3 EX-H80_4

Applicable for the factories having the explosive mixtures formed from class IIA,IIB and IIC T1-T6 group flammable gas, steam with air in area No.1 , No.2, and appearing the explosive hazardous area due to the mixture of flammable dust and air in area No.20,No.21 and No.22, such as oil field, chemical plant, port, oil storage, steamship, oil drilling platform, gas stations, coal mine, aviation, military, medicine, steel, firecrackers production, machinery, food processing and storage and so on.

  • 304(316) stainless steel surface treated with fluorine-carbon spray, elegant structure, explosion-proof, dust-proof, water-proof, rust-proof
  • Optics class toughened ultra-clear white explosion-proof glass, flux rate higher than 96%
  • Invisible nano wiper, non-stick water, non-stick oil, dust-proof
  • Optional temperature-controlled SCR semiconductor module to realize automatic heating and cooling functions, heater turned on when temperature lower than -10℃±5℃
  • Original stainless steel or Electro-polished surface (optional)
  • Support over 80% camera on the market
  • Camera cover customizable for larger size


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  • Material quality: 304 Stainless steel (316 optional)
  • Surface treatment: Fluorine-carbon spray processing
  • Anti-hazard classification: Exd II CT6 / DIP A20 TA,T6
  • Ingress protection: IP68
  • Interface spec: G-3/4''
  • Weight: ≤6.0kg (13.23lbs)
  • Installation method: Wall mounting
  • Outer dimension (L x W x H): 380 x 138 x 145(mm) / 14.96" x 5.43" x 5.71"
  • Inner Max. installation dimension (L x W x H): 300 x 65 x 65 (mm) / 11.81" x 2.56" x 2.56"
  • Window dimension (L x H): 60mm x 8mm / 2.36" x 0.315"


  • Input voltage: AC220V/ DC24V/ DC 12V, based on camera's power supply requirement
  • Working current: based on camera's requirement
  • IR distance: 30 meters
  • Wavelength: 850nm
  • If monitoring in non-light conditions, please select infrared shield


  • Working temperature: -45℃~+70℃ / -49℉~158℉
  • Atmosphere pressure: 86~106kpa
  • Relative humidity: ≤ 95%RH (±25℃)
  • Certification: ATEX, CNEX, CE, FCC

Explosion-proof Flexible Tube BNG

Explosion Mark Exd

Work in -25℃ ~ +70℃


Length: 1200mm

 Rubber ½" interface
 Rubber ¾" interface
 Rubber ½" + ¾" 
 Stainless Steel ¾"
Explosion-proof Junction Box

Model: EX-C1 ~ C8 type

Material: Aluminum

Standard ¾" Interface

1 in 1 out

1 in 2 out

2 in 2 out and etc.

Explosion-proof Control Box

Model: EX-D1 ~ D7 type

Material: Aluminum

Tube interface customizable

D1: 135mm*135mm*110mm
D2: 200mm*135mm*110mm
D4: 200mm*300mm*150mm
D5: 300mm*300mm*150mm
D6: 300mm*400mm*150mm
D7: 400mm*500mm*170mm