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Limited hardware warranty information

ViPRO is committed to providing high quality products with speedy and accountable service. ViPRO products are covered with 1- up to 2-year limited hardware warranty, which includes defects in design, workmanship and material under normal use for a period of 1 or 2 years from the date of purchase.  

The following products are covered by ViPRO 1-year warranty:

Mobile DVR/NVR

MVR-104S series, MVR-104A series, MVR-108A series, MVR-210/A, MVR-215/A, MVR-315A, MNR-360, MVR-606, MVR-612

Vehicle Camera

N68, D55, D57, D58, DB50, DB51, DB52

Rear View Camera R series, S series, W series
Speed Dome Camera PD300, PD330, BL820R, BL830R, HL820C, HL830C, HS720, HS730
Explosion Proof Camera EX-M80, EX-M82, EX-B84, EX-D85, EX-S86, EX-P87R, EX-P87, EX-P88R, EX-H80, EX-H82, EX-H80R
Car Monitor RM430, TM560, RM-700, RM702, TM710, TM720Q, TM910, TM920Q, TM950GR, WM720Q
Body Worn Video BV-A11, BV-A11+, BV-A12s Lite, BV-A12s, PDS03, PDS04, PDS05, PDS06, PDS07, DMS03
Accessories All accessories 
Product Category

Model series


Extended Warranty

ViPRO offers Extended Warranty Service for purchase. The Mobile DVR and Body Worn Camera are sold in 1 or 2-year extension blocks for a total warranty period of maximum 3 years. 

Extended warranty needs to be purchased and registered from product purchase.

For conditional warranty for specific requirement or project, please contact our sales representative directly.

Product Category Model series
Mobile DVR Negotiable for projects
Body Worn Video Negotiable for projects