4ch H.264 Mobile NVR


MNR-360 is a functional 4CH Mobile Network Video Recorder specially designed for vehicle surveillance solution and remote monitoring. It has a high-speed processor and embedded operating system, combining with the most advanced H.264 video compression /decompression technology, network, and GPS positioning technology.

MNR-360 supports 720P video recording, vehicle travel information recording and wireless data upload. It is powerful with modular design, flexible installation, easy maintenance and high reliability.

  • Support 4CH 720P IP Camera at 120fps
  • Support 2.5” HDD storage
  • Anti-vibration for 360 degree installation
  • Built-in GPS for location tracking
  • Built-in 3G/4G for live view and remote management
  • Built-in WIFI for video files and alarm files download
  • Support USB2.0 high speed backup
  • Brand new GUI with supreme software performance


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  • Model: MNR-360 (Functional 4ch Mobile NVR)
  • Functionality: Preview, Record, Playback, Network, Locate


  • O/S: Linux 3.0.8
  • Control Mode: Mouse, Network (3G/4G/WIFI), Easy Check


  • Input: 4 channels 720P
  • Output: 1 channel
  • Total Resource: 120fps @ 720P IPC
  • Video Signal Standard: Electrical level: 1Vpp, Impedance: 75Ω NTSC/PAL Optional


  • Input: 4 channels
  • Output: 1 channel
  • Audio Signal Standard: Electrical level: 2Vpp, Input impedance: 4.7kΩ


  • Display Split: 1/4
  • OSD: GPS information, alarm, vehicle number, speed, date/time
  • Operation: Graphical User Interface (semi-transparent)


  • Video/Audio Compression: Video (H.264), Audio (ADPCM)
  • Image Resolution:
    • Digital: 720P (1280x720)
  • Image Quality: 1~8 levels adjustable (1 is the best)
  • Record Mode: Boot up/Manual/schedule/Alarm
  • Pre-recording: 0~60 minutes
  • Post-recording: 0~30 minutes


  • Playback Channel: 1 channel by local playback
  • Search Mode: Date/time, channel, event


  • IPC Ethernet: 6-pin DJ (100M x 1, PON power supply)
  • WIFI*: 802.11b/g/n (optional)
  • 3G/4G*: EVDO/WCDMA/TDD-LTE/FDD-LTE (optional)


  • GPS: Location tracking, speed detection and sync time


  • Hard Disk: 2.5" SATA HDD x1 (2TB Max. capacity)


  • USB: USB 2.0 x1
  • RS232: RS232 x 1
  • Sensor: 8 inputs / 2 outputs
  • Speed: 1 channel pulse speed detection
  • Intercommunication: 1 MIC interface
  • Panel: CP4 (The multi-functional control panel)* optional


  • Input: DC8~36V, ignition signal
  • Output: 5V@1000mA
  • Power Consumption: 26W (Max.) ; ≈0W (Standby)


  • Ingress Protection: IP54
  • Dimension (WxDxH): 206.0x190.0x70.4(mm)/8.11”x7.48”x 2.772”
  • Weight: 1.24kg / 2.734lbs


  • Operating Temperature: 
    • -40℃~+70℃ / -40℉~158℉ (with heater)
    • -10℃~+70℃ / -14℉~158℉
  • Operating Relative Humidity: 8% ~ 90% (No Condense)


  • VMS 2.0, WCMS


  • EU: CE, USA: FCC


  • Standard: Remote Control*1, Vehicle Fuses (7.5A & 15A)*2, Screw*6, 9pin aviation power input wire*1, MDVR key*1


  1. Data is subject to change without prior notice.


Item Description
GPS module and antenna Built-in GPS Module with antenna, for GPS connectivity for all ViPRO Mobile DVR device (MVR series). External GPS connects with MDVR for vehicle positioning. GPS data can be recorded into MDVR video files for playback and reported to CMS for real time vehicle location.
WIFI module and antenna WIFI Module is a multi-channel wireless network device that can be applied for Mobile DVR video download and data transfer.
3G/4G module and antenna Built-in 3G-Module with antenna, for 3G connectivity for all ViPRO Mobile DVR device (MVR series.)
Alarm Box I/O Alarm Box provides the I/O interface of alarm input, alarm output and speed to realize the functions of alarm test and alarm linkage, etc.
Serial Expansion Box Serial Expansion Box expands the function of MDVR and integrates more peripheral through RS232 and RS485 ports.

Uninterrupted power supply can be as backup power to MDVR when there is no power from vehicle battery.

Transfer Cable Transfer cable features one din-jack connector for Mobile DVR connection and the another BNC connector for cameras.
Din Cable Din-aviation cables are used for Mobile DVR installation in the vehicle. As customers install the cameras in different location, the different length cable are required.
LED Panel LED Display Panel is designed for easier checking of Mobile DVR working status. Any of the LED flash will indicate the corresponding status.
Lock Box Lock Box is designed to secure Mobile DVR from dust when installed on vehicle. Lock Box is available for MVR-315, MNR-360, MVR-600 series, MVR-350 and MVR-508. 
Inertia Sensor Inertia Sensor is an electronic device to measure the vehicle environmental temperature and speed acceleration during driving.
Fireproof Box Fireproof Box is specially designed for anti-fire and anti-explosion to protect the video files in the last minutes of the accidents.
CP4 Control Panel 7" Multi-functional Control Panel used for Bus Dispatch System, featuring built-in amplifier, RFID, 7 inch LCD, station announcement.
Easy Check Easy Check is a device management software running in Android tablet. People could manage the MDVR conveniently via the software when it is connected the device through WIFI, which could improve maintenance and management efficiency. 
GDS GDS is a mini display device to remind drivers’ driving behavior, including Revving, Idling, Braking, Acceleration, Speed, Curving and N-Taxing.

The system can’t start? 

This problem usually results from the incorrect power connection. Please follow below steps to check the power connection: 

  1. Check the input power, whether the power wire is connected correctly, whether the ground wire is connected back to the battery, and whether the fuse on the power wire is in good condition.
  2. Check whether the ACC signal wire input to the power is with voltage higher than 7V.
  3. Check whether the device key is closed.


The MDVR restarts uninterruptedly? 

Please follow below steps to check it: 

  1. Check whether the voltage of MDVR is insufficient. If the voltage is less than the start-up voltage of the device, the device would always restart.
  2. The problem in hard disk/SD card may cause the failure to start. Take off the storage part and check whether it is broken down.


The device can’t record?

This problem usually results from the storage disk or camera. Please follow below steps to check it: 

  1. Check whether the storage disk is installed, whether it is in good contact, and whether the disk can be read normally in computer.
  2. Check whether the storage disk is formatted. The storage disk should be formatted before normally storing record files.
  3. Check whether there is video signal input into the device from camera, and whether there is video/image on the screen.


There is no voice in record file?

Please follow below steps to check it: 

  1. Check whether there is an external pickup, or whether the camera features with the function of audio collection.
  2. Access to Video Channel Settings, check if Audio is set on.
  3. There must be video input into the channel for recording and it must record normally.


The GPS works abnormally? 

Please follow below steps to check it:

  1. Check whether the GPS antenna is installed correctly. There is a silk print logo on the GPS antenna holder behind the host device.
  2. Check whether the antenna receiver is sheltered. It should not be covered by any stuff, which may cause it not to receive signals.
  3. Environmental influence such as tree shades, being inside tunnel, driving near tall building or elevated roads, thunderstorms or other weather influence, etc. can also cause signal loss or receiving wrong signals.


The device can’t shutdown in ignition switch mode?

Please follow below steps to check it: 

  1. Check if the ACC line connection mode is correct; and check whether there is voltage on ACC yellow line when the key is turned off.
  2. If the device has been set with schedule recording, it can’t shutdown if it is still during recording time of the task table.